Wednesday 9 May 2012

camping at Narrabeen: The short morning

I woke up early in the morning and saw that everyone's tent was covered with dew from the fog last night. I had a pretty good night last night, since that wasn't my first go. I saw Amy sitting down with her mum and her little sister. I went to join them. I found a seat and waited for the others to wake up. A few minutes went by and somebody woke up. By 7 o'clock everybody was up and talking to each other. 

We waited for our breakfast while we talked. We said things like "If you get off your chair and someone else takes it, you don't have the chair unless you say reserved before you go" or " I heard you say the word 'what' "  or else "Today's total of the number of the word 'what' being said is 73." The breakfast came and we had corned beef and ate seaweed for a snack afterwards.

We all started packing up after we finished breakfast. Rere was the first to finish. When we completed everything, there was nothing on the block except the cars and ourselves. Everybody was going at 10 o'clock, as it was the checkout time, and we all went home started a different story.


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