Sunday 29 April 2012

Camping at Narrabeen: The rest of the day

Ayesha and Nadyne playing frog jump

Everybody's back from the beach and finished their showers now. We are all waiting for the frog jump. It's a party game where yo have plastic frogs and try to make them jump to the pond, by pressing it's tail. Everybody was was paired up and had to verse each other the winner gets to pick a prize [everybody got a prize, the winner just chose the colour.]

Everybody was happy with their prize [they all got different prizes, depending on their age] and played with it for the rest of the day. What happened to my friends [ kak Nisa and Noufal ] and myself for the rest of the day is this, the first part we all decided to get the map and find the playground. We found it pretty quick and told the little kids about it. They all wanted to play in the playground, so we had to take them there. We were all so bored [ my friends and myself, that is ] watching the little kids play on the equipment, so bored we said to them 'it's time to go back to the tent now.'

The second part of the rest of the day was this: kak Nisa had to do her homework [ I guess when you're in high school you get homework in the weekend ] and Noufal was just watching something on his Samsung tab. Do you want to know what I did? I just sat there and asked questions that they weren't answering. I gave up after sitting in a chair and watching them do their homework or playing on their Samsung and said 'You guys are sitting there doing nothing and I'm going to play with Rere and Dafina.' But kak Nisa said 'I'm doing something.' I had to admit she was right. Then I came up with a better sentence and said ' You guys are sitting there doing nothing that's exciting.' This time Noufal said 'This is exciting.' while he was pointing to his tab. Now I think of a better sentence and said for the last time ' You guys are sitting there doing nothing I think is exciting.' and walked away to join Dafina and Rere. I played with them for the rest of the day going in and out of tents, playing with our yo-yo and flashlights.

We had a nice barbecue dinner and went to sleep in our tents.



  1. next time when you camp,please bring your homework so you have something to do although it is not exciting....from oma

  2. Hi Didi, nice blog post! I have a question: can something that you think is exciting today, become boring tomorrow? And the other way around: can something you find boring today, become exciting in the future? :D



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