Saturday 28 April 2012

Camping at Narrabeen:North Narrabeen beach

Dafina, Rere and I playing with our bodyboards

Just finishing our food before we all head to the beach. About five minutes later we were all ready in our beach costumes as we gather our body-boards and walk through the gate and towards the beach. I was so excited when we set off. Five minutes of walking before we finally got there; and it turns out that the beach was on the other side of the river. The only thing on this side of the river was a swimming pool and rock pools. So we had to go all the way back to the main road and start walking to where the beach is. This took about ten minutes [ I thought it was longer since we had to climb up a hill ]. When we got there, we saw a beautiful long beach with big awesome waves

Once we started settling-in, all the little kids and Dafina and Rere were playing another party game. Three [3] people had to dig presents under the sand and the other three [3] had to find them and dig it up.

 After we finished the game everyone wanted to have a swim. We found out that the red and yellow flags were in the middle of the beach, while we were right at the end. So everybody picked up their stuff and walked along the beach to get closer to the flags

When we finally got there Dafina, Rere and I ran straight to the water, carrying our body-boards with us [actually Dafina didn't have a body-board, she just ran to the water]. We all had so much fun in the there, riding big waves, swimming and building a sandcastle with a big wall to protect it. 

We all went home when it was to cold to swim. Everybody went to have a warm shower and get ready for what we are going to do next.


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  1. excellent,didi.i like it very much because you did not write that five letters b.o.r.e.d....from oma


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