Tuesday 10 April 2012

Camping at Narrabeen: Waiting for Amy

us being bored

The very first night I slept in a tent was a very rainy night. It rained all of the night! I woke up at five o'clock and the first thing I saw was that my parents were not here , and my sister was fast asleep in her sleeping bag. I found my mum outside,chatting with her friends outside. Once I was really awake I realized I was the first kid awake. I started walking around our block for a moment trying to feel warm. Around half past five my friends started waking up.We started talking and waited until the others woke up.

As soon as breakfast was ready we all got food and went to find seats. Around 6:30 everybody was awake and started to talk loudly. The food was delicious. We were all eating noodles and sitting on chairs or mats (since there wasn't enough chairs).

We all finished and played in different play groups, I usually go with Kak Nisa and Noufal, Ayesha plays with Nadyne, Ghaisan and Ais, Raiyan and Khalif play together and Rere and Dafina just 'explore' the tents.

Playing with Kak Nisa and Noufal is like stepping into 'boredville'. The only thing they do is sit down and watch a cartoon on the samsung tab. They're going to do this until ten o'clock I think, that's when Amy comes and when the real party begins.



  1. i like reading ur writing,didi.it is honest in a funny way...keep on writing.from oma rini

  2. @oma rini I will keep writing there is a new one above this post.


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