Tuesday 16 October 2012

Last Day at School

Ayesha on the way to pick me up
My last day of school was 1st of June. We would be leaving Sydney on the 7th of June on Thursday. My little sister, Ayesha's last day of school was the previous day.

I'm pretty sad about leaving Australia. I'm really going to miss everything here. I'm sure Indonesia's going to be different

It was a nice last day at school. My teacher read one of the stories I write during writing time, I thought mine was okay. Everybody was nice to me that day, they all wrote a card. At the end the day I handed everybody a bookmark and we all took photos.

It was very sad having to go away. Seriously though, at that time I didn't feel any emotion at all. It's very incredible how I didn't say the word "Bored" in this post, [though honestly, I don't say that much anymore]. Until next time, later.



  1. Hi Didi,
    Your friends from HPPS looked at your blog post yesterday and some of them wrote replies which I'll post. What is your new school like? I hope your family is doing well. :)
    Ms Kat

  2. Hi Didi
    I am missing you a lot. I hope you and your family are having a beautiful time. I miss the word 'BORED'. How is Aishea? The day after you went I went home and cried. Miss you a lot. REMEMBER DYNAMITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by Humayra

  3. I really miss you. I hope you are having a wonderful time in Indonesia.
    From Nadia

  4. Dear Didi,
    The four of us miss you a lot. Specially me. Every time I sit down on the stairs miss the word bored .We miss you a lot. From Adrita

  5. Didi hi how are you? I really miss you. I always remember about you. I wish you come back later on. Are you having a great time? Any way how was the trip to Indonesia? Is your family ok?

    FROM RAISA BYE!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey Didi!
    Do you remeber me? I'm tasnova
    Missed you for all these years


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