Tuesday 16 October 2012

Going to Darwin

On the 7th of June my family and I were getting ready to leave for Darwin, the first stop of our journey. We were leaving on a Jetstar plane that leaves at 1 pm and arrives at Darwin at 5 pm in Darwin time [which is one and a half hours time difference].

So we called a taxi, like we usually do, to go to the domestic airport. We went to do the normal procedure [since we've done this 10 times in the last 4 years], meaning we had to go through baggage drop and then through the x-ray things. Not as many things in the international  terminal but I still thought it took a long time, like every other thing i think is boring. After we got our boarding passes and after our bags got checked, it was like still an hour to our flight. In my head I was like, come on! We should have arrived here two hours ago not three! My family and I waited in the food court. I was like so totally bored, there was I could do. Ayesha was really enjoying herself. She was talking with my dad about the planes, taking off and landing. i then took pictures of the planes, since I had nothing else to do.
my view for 1 hour

Ayesha making sure everyone's safe
Fifty minutes passed and we were walking to our gate, which the number I've forgotten. Then we boarded the plane and took our usual seats. Me by the window, Ayesha in the middle, Mum by the aisle and dad behind us, and so we begin our journey and say goodbye to Sydney at least for a month, I think.               

Oh yeah, in the last post, I take back what i said. I say bored much more often now.


  1. nice writing,didi.we are waiting for other stories.keep writing,please

  2. Yeah!!! I wanna a journey too. Read your story is one of my journey too. Thank you Didi :)

  3. aku suka baca blogmu dan nggak bosan tuh. tetap rajin menulis ya :)

  4. Hii... nice to meet you ^.^
    I like your blog. Cool... *2 thumbs*
    Please, visit my blog too : reihanalavi.blogspot.com


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