Tuesday 24 June 2014

Flying Free

Is the title confusing you? It's because I don't know what else to name this post. Oh right, I just wanted to let everyone know, I graduated!!! Isn't that so awesome. Sorry once again for not writing, I totally won't do that again.

Well I just graduated from elementary school a few days ago, I'm finally free!!! You know (to the people who knows) graduating doesn't feel like anything special. Maybe it's because it's still elementary, I wonder what it will feel like when I graduate high school?

Well about the title, it was a song we sang at the graduation ceremony as a choir. The students in SAIMS are very talented.

I haven't told you about my time in year six (6) right, well there was a lot of tings going on in year six. I could finally talk to my friends and could communicate with Bahasa Indonesia. In SAIMS my friends really like to joke around. Sometimes they tease people, and sometimes they tease me. Thanks to them I totally improved my kicking skills.

I'll be back tomorrow. For real this time.


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