Saturday 27 May 2017

New Life

Okay, what day is it today? Saturday. What am I doing today? Hmmmm..........

The days seem to pass slowly these days ever since I graduated. Yes! I finally graduated. Congratulations to me! I'm no longer a Junior High School Student. I completed a stage of my life. It feels like a big achievement, but really every year a Junior High School Student graduates somewhere in some part of the world. It's not that big of a deal. No reason to celebrate. It's just like birthdays. I'm going to tell you guys the honest truth, you share your birthday with other people. Say you were born on the 27th of May 17 years ago, on that day another person on the other side the world who was also just starting his new life. Does that mean that we shouldn't celebrate birthdays? Well, no. Birthdays are something to celebrate. Please don't take it the wrong way. Happy Birthday to everyone who was ever born. Actually graduations are a thing to celebrate too. Wait, what was I going to write about?

Ah yes, graduating Junior High isn't really an achievement. I mean, did I write a book? No. Did I convince the whole world global warming is real? No. Did I save humankind from the end of the world? I did none of those things. Now without school I do nothing at home. I'm that child who really wants to do something for the good of humankind but can't seem to actually do something. Sure it's frustrating for my parents to see me do nothing all day, but what about me? I feel an even bigger frustration because my brain has the will, but my body just won't follow. Hehe....and it's not just an excuse to being lazy. 

Recently I actually had the will to do something. It's a little project for me during the holidays. I also had the will to write this. It's really tiring you know. Writing really takes up all the energy that you have. Right now I'm only taking small steps. I'm not going to suddenly start a campaign, that's just too much. I might start soon. I might start making the world a better place for us humans to live in. Slowly I might start to achieve something.


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