Tuesday 9 May 2017

The Biggest Betrayal

Since it's a cool kindle my mum borrows it from time to time
Betrayals are complicated things. I can't really explain it, and I won't. So if there are people who don't know what a betrayal is, look it up.

We all know betrayals are something that no one wants to experience. It hurts a person in the worst way possible. It hurts in a way that I can't explain, and I won't. The point is nobody would want to be betrayed. But even though it hurts sometimes we can't help but do little betrayals from time to time. That time your stomach told you not to eat another slice of cake but you did. The time when your friends asked you to hold on to her drink for her and you took a tiny sip. That time when you stayed up all night when your eyes were only half open. We learn from betrayals. Without them we would not know the consequences of pushing the limit. So from time to time one tiny unintentional betrayal is forgivable. Honestly though I wrote all that just so you guys wouldn't be shocked about what I've done. Because all (most) of my books are gone, I don't really have anything to read. That was my situation until....my mum bought me a Kindle.

I know, I know. Don't look at me with all those disapproving faces. I know. Hear me out here. In truth I've been wanting one for a while now. It was because I started to get a little crazy trying to find a book I haven't read in 3 years. I thought it would be easier to have a Kindle to keep all my books. I guess it just happened.

When I was still ignorant of the world and it's current condition, the thought of reading from a screen wasn't something I could picture myself doing. I mean, who would want to read from a tablet when you could read from an actual book? How could I ever read a book without the feeling of turning the pages or that weird scent the book always has. What if I read a really sad book and want to cry a river but can't because a single could break the electrical piece of equipment? So many reasons to not use a kindle, just go buy a real book made of paper.

Hey look at me next to my sister using a 'gadget' smh
In the end I gave in. I'm not the person I once was. Now I actually have a kindle, and I'm not just using it to show off. I actually use it to read books. Like 400 page novels. After the past few weeks I've read 5 books on it. Hey don't judge me. We 9th graders don't get a lot of free time with all the test they throw at us. Point is, even though there were differences, which was expected, it was basically the same thing. It turns out, when you read a book the important thing is to actually read the words, connect the sentences and imagine the story. So I finally realized it didn't really matter if you can't 'turn' the pages or 'smell' the kindle. 

It also turns out the kindle helps the world become a better place to live in. Don't believe me? There are a few reasons. One of them is very simple, no more cutting down trees. I'm sure everyone can make the connection. Paperbase books are made from trees. If we keep on publishing books then the whole world would keep on cutting down trees to provide paper. Meanwhile these e-books use no paper whatsoever. Another reason is because people would live in little houses. That way land on Earth won't be completely occupied. See the connection? No? Let me explain. Book loving people, such as myself, like to collect books (duh) and seldom part with any book in their possession. Even if it's a book they haven't read in 3 years, because a true book lover would still remember and want to reread something they read 3 years ago (a.k.a. ME). In short, if book lovers use a Kindle they wouldn't need 2 extra bedrooms to store their books, which results smaller houses, which in turn saves the growing human population. Yay we get to live on because of e-books!

As I said, betrayals hurt people in the worst possible way, but it's forgivable if it's for the well-being of humankind

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