Saturday, 27 May 2017

New Life

Okay, what day is it today? Saturday. What am I doing today? Hmmmm..........

The days seem to pass slowly these days ever since I graduated. Yes! I finally graduated. Congratulations to me! I'm no longer a Junior High School Student. I completed a stage of my life. It feels like a big achievement, but really every year a Junior High School Student graduates somewhere in some part of the world. It's not that big of a deal. No reason to celebrate. It's just like birthdays. I'm going to tell you guys the honest truth, you share your birthday with other people. Say you were born on the 27th of May 17 years ago, on that day another person on the other side the world who was also just starting his new life. Does that mean that we shouldn't celebrate birthdays? Well, no. Birthdays are something to celebrate. Please don't take it the wrong way. Happy Birthday to everyone who was ever born. Actually graduations are a thing to celebrate too. Wait, what was I going to write about?

Ah yes, graduating Junior High isn't really an achievement. I mean, did I write a book? No. Did I convince the whole world global warming is real? No. Did I save humankind from the end of the world? I did none of those things. Now without school I do nothing at home. I'm that child who really wants to do something for the good of humankind but can't seem to actually do something. Sure it's frustrating for my parents to see me do nothing all day, but what about me? I feel an even bigger frustration because my brain has the will, but my body just won't follow. Hehe....and it's not just an excuse to being lazy. 

Recently I actually had the will to do something. It's a little project for me during the holidays. I also had the will to write this. It's really tiring you know. Writing really takes up all the energy that you have. Right now I'm only taking small steps. I'm not going to suddenly start a campaign, that's just too much. I might start soon. I might start making the world a better place for us humans to live in. Slowly I might start to achieve something.


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Biggest Betrayal

Since it's a cool kindle my mum borrows it from time to time
Betrayals are complicated things. I can't really explain it, and I won't. So if there are people who don't know what a betrayal is, look it up.

Monday, 20 March 2017

This Life Changing Moment

People have these moments. Moments that make them a different person. That one time when something really bad happens and you regret everything you've ever done and you start changing your lifestyle. That one time when you realize all the bad things that are happening in the world and you try to fix it. That one time a motivator came to school and told you how not to be such a bad person, and you started to realize you were such a disappointment to humankind. Wait, has anyone actually experienced that last one? No offense to motivators though or anyone who feels like a disappointment to mankind (Actually I kinda feel like one). These moments are probably the turning point in someone's life. Their life changing moment. The moment the world became clearer and easier to understand. I don't know if there is a minimum age to experience this moment but I think I've already experienced it. 
Our books we were going to give up

How did this happen to me? Well, how would I know? It just did. It just happened. There is no 'how'. It was such an experience it changed my life. No, I didn't move to America. I didn't suddenly have magical powers. Still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts. Didn't discover any hint of existing elves. Still stuck on planet Earth. Now what exactly did happen? Here's what happened. Wait for it...........................................................
My mum (Deep Breath) SOLD 80% of MY BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY BOOKS!!!!!!!!!SOLD!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Preping for High School

High School? I already chose my Unversity (In front of UGM)

In the world of High School, there is only one way to survive. With all the homework that is given, all the projects we have to complete, our self defense lessons we have to go through, and don't forget the social pressure, we high school kids have to either be reeaally popular or be super smart. Wait that was two things. Oh, well you know what I mean. It's either one or the other, unless we're not smart and popular, or we're popular and smart. Know what I mean. Actually, I'm not even in High school yet (surprise). So why don't we just forget that you ever read what you just read. I did not just write that to waste your time. Believe me.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Ten Year Anniversary !!!

Me, 10 years ago at Juanda International Airport
Helooooooo world, (more specifically people reading this post).

It has been quite some time. I didn't have anything to say the last few months. BUT there is something that I have to tell you guys before I burst into flames. 

(Flashback time) Have I told you guys when I went to Australia for the first time ? Well, it was 10 years ago (eyebrows going up and down). Get the hint? Well? Oh I can't hold it! I'm going back to Australia!!!!!!!! You know, if I could make the words 3D I would. Can you believe it? I just realized it too. I'm going back after 10 years. 

Of course I'm not going to live there again or anything. I'm just staying for 2 weeks. And I'm going to school there! (I promise I'm not being sarcastic). I always wanted to know what it feels like to be in high school in Australia. Are there people being confused? Do you really want to know the whole story? Are some of you asking my purpose of stay in Australia? Why would I tell you guys, you're not the immigration officer. Nah, I'm joking. But be warned, It goes way back.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

What to Fangirl Over

It's funny what 13 year old girls like these days. Actually I wouldn't know. I don't like to ask. I just like thinking that I'm liking the same stuff my other friends do. I like a lot of stuff. Something lego, any Taylor Swift song, any song sung by Matchbox Twenty (weird right?), book series, movie series, book series that were made into a movie. (Actually I don't think my friends know who Matchbox Twenty are.) 

Well I think I actually have a problem. The last 3 years there has been 2 movie series that always come out at the end of the year. The Hobbit and The Hunger Games. But this year The Hunger Games released it's last movie. Now what do I fangirl over?

I can't seem to find a book series that interesting. Right now the only thing I'm reading is 'The Clockwork Universe' and that's about Isaac Newton and the start of the 'modern world'. Am I getting too old for fantasy? Is that why I can't read Maze Runner and Divergent? I've never actually read them. Divergent still lays on my bookshelf unopened (I was waiting until I saw The Hunger Games). 

Friday, 25 December 2015

How to Take Advantage of The Situation

The last few days were hectic (and weird). My parents are willing to actually buy me things that are expensive (unneeded and not important). But you really know parents are doing these nice things because they want to get away with something. In my case my parents are going to Taiwan for 4 days! I am writing this with my little sister Ayesha Leilani (Little A) because she is just an innocent girl that doesn't know how to take advantage of this situation.

Well, when two girls just finds out their parents are going to Taiwan without them, their emotions can get pretty mixed up.

Little A: I want to go with them too. I want them to buy me a BB-8 doll (you know, the one from star wars). I'm sad, happy and also mad. I'm sad because I will always cry when my mother or father or both of them are going to leave us (my sister and I). I'm happy because my mum is going to buy a BB-8 doll. But I'm mad because they didn't invite me to Taiwan.

Wow. Turns out my sister does know how to take advantage. I didn't know she was happy though, because when we said goodbye she was so dramatic. They said goodbye at 5 in the morning (too early for my eyes). 

Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Bottom of The Sea (?)

My Friends And I On A Neighboring Beach
You know, parents can be really funny sometimes. Sometimes they let you watch movies on a weekday, sometimes they force you to do your homework, sometimes they let you skip school, and sometimes they leave you for 3 days to go to Bali. They claim to have seen a beautiful Indonesia from the skies. But tell you what, I saw 'beautiful' Indonesia from the bottom of the sea (rolls eyes). 

For those who don't know, I was being sarcastic in the last sentence. You guys are probably thinking it's no big deal, since my parents went to a beach and so did I. But that means you are overlooking an important fact. (Maybe you should read my last post before you continue) My parents went to Ubud, Bali, while I went to Kondang Merak (It's not that famous yet). Well since you don't know the difference let me tell you.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Honest Truth

This Would Have Been A Better Picture If I stayed There Too
Having parents who loves traveling is awesome. Especially when they let you skip school. I'm actually the one who doesn't want to skip school. How can a good girl like me (innocent face) skip class? I'm serious. I am the kind of student that does not like to miss school, even for 1 day and usually I don't miss any lessons. Except for the time when I missed student orientation because I was in Europe, and the time I missed school for a week because I picked up my dad in Sydney. There was also the time when I went traveling around New Zealand for 2 weeks. I actually can't believe I skipped school for 2 weeks. But there was a time when I didn't skip school, I only came late because the plane was delayed. (What am I saying?) My point is, even though I did all that I still don't like skipping school. (I really am telling the truth) It's fine if you don't believe me. I have proof though. 

It all started a few months ago (flashback and some cheesy music). My school has a program called Bravery Survival (BS). Each grade has to do 2 different Bravery Survivals, 1 for each semester. This semester the 8th graders have to sleep on a beach for 2 nights. The beach we were going to was named Kondang Merak. It is not famous (yet). It is located in the South of Malang. We were originally going to go there in early October. While we were preparing for our camping trip (because we certainly needed to prepare), my mum redeemed Garuda miles for 4 tickets to Ubud, Bali. We were supposed to go on the 31st of October until the 2nd of November. Until one day we heard terrible news.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye Middle-Earth!!!

Another year will pass. Every year I have been waiting for The Hobbit movies since 2 years ago. I can't believe it's already over. 

I just watched the last Hobbit movie. It turns out the director, Peter Jackson, can turn a children's book into 3 movies that are rated M. As people watch The Hobbit, they usually compare it too Lord of The Rings. But how could they compare 2 stories that are completely different? 

I don't really like comparing. But my parents told me to do a review. Since I have nothing to talk about, might as well give it a try.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Magic Disney Rain

Everyone loves something that is called Disneyland. Everyone has heard about the incredible movies Disney has made. Everyone that goes there would want to go see the princesses or Buzz Lightyear. Disney can do everything and anything (rolls eyes). Disneyland had so much magic, that they can even make it rain all through the day. 

Since I will now explain why I am complaining. Just like I said everyone likes to go to Disneyland. I also said that everyone has a great time in Disneyland. Then where is the problem? Suddenly Disney can make magic rain. And just like I said it's magic rain. What kind of magic does it do? It does evil magic. Everyone knows I don't like going shopping, including shoe shopping. Yet what does the rain do? It totally ruined my shoes. It was totally soaked!! I shouldn't be complaining though. Nobody can get mad at Disney.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Bicycle license???

Since we're done talking about France can we talk about the other countries? We went to Brussels for one night, then we went to Germany for 3 hours, then we stayed in Amsterdam for 2 nights. 

There is something so cool yet terrifying in Amsterdam, you can ride bikes anywhere. So cool isn't it. We rented some bikes so we could go around Amsterdam. We went all around town. It was like riding a motorbike. Why? Because the bikes have their own bikes and everything. There's a special light just for bikes. Mum says that even cars let bikes go through (Cool). Mum and I were just riding normal bikes (exactly the same, coulor, size and everything), but my dad was riding a bike with a baby carrier for Ayesha. 

Then what's the terrifying part? Because it was just like riding a motorbike!!! Confused? Let me explain. Even though it was fun and cool and everything, it was still scary. Just imagine riding a bike with all the cars surrounding you. It would be okay if you were 16 or 17 or already have a license. Just imagine how scary it would have been for a little 12 year old girl. I've never done anything like this before (scary). 

Because dad got us lost halfway, mum became the navigator. But even a skilled navigator (like my mum) could not tell the difference between all the rivers in the city. 

Don't forget,
in Europe we drive in the right lane,

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Kebabs and The World Cup

A lot of things happened during our little road-trip. One of the things that happened was the 2014 World Cup. Everyone had a favorite team. I liked Germany. I could almost see your disbelieving looks. Just so everyone knows, when I was in year 6, we had an international exhibition. I got Germany. It was 3 months before the World Cup. 
B.I.P Burger

Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Language That Makes You Hungry

Let me continue my journey in Paris. Where were we? (Thinking) Ah! We were only up to the airport? Well, if the journey in Europe was a chocolate-cheese cake with cherry on top (hungry), we haven't even touched the frosting.

Exactly like expected, french people really don't like speaking English. I really started wondering, can we even communicate with them at all. Of course at the airport they would still speak English. But we could tell we were really in Paris (and not in my dream) when we went to the station. French was buzzing about everywhere. All around filled with French (they're really proud). That's when I notice a small grumbling sound. The sound seemed to give a reply to all the French that was spoken. Then I suddenly realized, it was my stomach.

Emirates was one of the best airlines in the world. So of course they would give us snacks. But even after all the snacks they had given in 6 hours it would not satisfy my stomach. I wasn't at all hungry at the airport. Then when I was on the train going who knows where (mum knows), my stomach does not seem to have a mute button.

We couldn't buy anything (so expensive!). But when we arrived at our destination (ask mum), we finally found some cheap (well, cheaper) food. How could one eat (even a huge burger like mine) and still not be hungry when all you've been hearing is French. That was why it was such a relief (exaggeration?) when we got to my dad's cousin's place. At least they don't speak 24/7.

That was only the first day. I'm still wondering how I didn't die (exaggerate) of starvation. 

I'll give some tips on how to survive.

Friday, 19 December 2014

My Alien Friends

Hey, welcome back. Today is the latest update about everything (exaggerating). Let me just update my profile. It says  "I'm a human. I like reading, especially Harry Potter books. I hate fairies and pink stuff." To make it clear, I was 10 when I made that. Everyone knows 12 and 10 have a big (exaggeration) age difference. Am I right? No? Well let me inform everyone that I have changed.

1. I am sorry to disappoint you but no, I have not turned into an alien. I am still a very healthy human that is living on Earth (or am I?).

2. Anyone who is actually that smart to give up reading is the real alien. I would never give up reading (innocent human). My favorite book has changed though. I think it is the best book in the whole universe (aliens must read). Has anyone read 'The catcher in the Rye'? My mum recommended the book for me. It's a depression kind of book, but that's what I like most. I think it's rated 13+. Mum says it's a book for high school, but it was kind of easy to read (Self-praising).

3. I can not believe I actually said I hate fairies (astonished). Seriously everyone, if you say you hate them, 2 years later you would be watching the 6th season of 'Winx club' with your little sister. (Not Important) Since the 'Winx' are from outer space, do we call them aliens?

4. Did I really hate the color pink? What did pink ever do to me? It was just another innocent color that was created by red and white (sad). Now everyone has moved on to Blue (sad). Now that I think about it, I wanted to like blue because everybody started liking pink. Now I think back (flashback) and try to be friends with Pink, but now I think I'm trying to be different again. So confused!!!(Not needed!!!) Do you think aliens are Pink or Blue?

My new profile. I'm going to look back in 2 years and think about how young was and how I need to update my profile (again). It's possible.

Goodbye my human friends. 
Unless some of you are really aliens!!!


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