Friday 13 May 2016

Ten Year Anniversary !!!

Me, 10 years ago at Juanda International Airport
Helooooooo world, (more specifically people reading this post).

It has been quite some time. I didn't have anything to say the last few months. BUT there is something that I have to tell you guys before I burst into flames. 

(Flashback time) Have I told you guys when I went to Australia for the first time ? Well, it was 10 years ago (eyebrows going up and down). Get the hint? Well? Oh I can't hold it! I'm going back to Australia!!!!!!!! You know, if I could make the words 3D I would. Can you believe it? I just realized it too. I'm going back after 10 years. 

Of course I'm not going to live there again or anything. I'm just staying for 2 weeks. And I'm going to school there! (I promise I'm not being sarcastic). I always wanted to know what it feels like to be in high school in Australia. Are there people being confused? Do you really want to know the whole story? Are some of you asking my purpose of stay in Australia? Why would I tell you guys, you're not the immigration officer. Nah, I'm joking. But be warned, It goes way back.

Chapter 1
One hot sunny (who am I kidding?) Don't worry I wont bore you. If you feel you have already heard the story, you may skip the paragraph.

Ever since I was in fifth grade, I have been told by mum that 'You could go to Australia again when you're in 8th grade.' My school has a student exchange program with COMO Secondary Collage in Perth, for 2 weeks. I will remind you, that was the year 2012, we just got back from Australia. It was a hard task to keep me from wanting to go to Australia. I think I felt 'depressed' for a semester. Props to the friends who could actually communicate with me.

Three years passed. (Ripple effect) I spent my days watching people, who wasn't me, go to Australia, without me. As you can imagine it was heartbreaking (sobs). Just kidding, who would care if my seniors left for Australia? Good for them. I was starting to have a great time in 7th grade, why would I leave it all for Australia?

End of 2015
The Student Exchange Program isn't a picnic. It is a program where they choose students that can represent Sekolah Alam Insan Mulia (my school) the best. The maximum number of students that are going are 14. Since the students who wanted to participate exceeded the maximum number of students, there was a selection process. Two of my best friends were going too. You can't imagine how nervous they were (no offense). There were 15 people who participated in the selection process. The 7th graders went first. Then us. Seriously, the questions weren't that hard. It's just that I had lots of thoughts in my mind. 'What if they don't choose me because I've already been there before?' 'What if they don't choose me because I don't know all the 34 provinces in Indonesia?' 'What if I answered all the questions correctly but they didn't choose me because I'm a timid person?' Nah, don't worry about these complicated things my juniors (if any of you are reading). You know, I think after 3 years in Indonesia, my confidence boosted up, no? Haha, I'm like that tennis player, Rafael Nadal, always adding 'no' to the end of the sentence. Oh well, next>

Start of 2016
Then 2016 started. The 14 people were already selected. Nine 8th graders and five 7th graders. At the start of February we started practicing. For what, you ask? When we go there it will be part of an exchange program, so we have to show some of our country's culture. We are going to do a traditional dance about the story Ramayana (duh). I would like to tell you guys the story in another post, later, (If I have time). We were each given our own roles. The dance teacher told us to not protest when we were given our roles. The first role was Shinta, the princess. She is the female lead. Of course I didn't want to be the lead, so I did what I always do. Look all casual. Sometimes looking up, down, side to side, sometimes I pretend to be in deep thought. Usually it always works. And yet this time, 'Who is that at the end?' Who me?! Is he pointing at me? Seriously? Oh well. Not allowed to protest. So for the last 3 months I've really been trying my best. Shall I tell you the other roles. We only had 4 boys, so they all got a role. The girls were split in groups one of them 'monkeys' and the others were 'deer'. After practicing for months, we had to perform in front of our 'friends' before we perform in Australia. I say 'friends' because we also had to perform in front of the 9th grade, which is not what we really wanted. I guess it's alright though. The 9th grade are only 1 year our senior, imagine if we had to perform in front of the 12th graders, I might faint.

Start of May
After our performance, we finally started to focus on packing our bags. As the 9th graders were having their Ujian Nasional (National Test?) the whole school was resting at home, while we practiced our performance again and again. We said our goodbyes to the people we won't be seeing in two weeks, some of them we won't be seeing for the rest of our days (Because you know, they graduated). Shout out to the 9th graders, especially those in my homeroom, hope you guys can find the perfect school! See, I'm starting to get sad now. 

The Present (as in right now)
I'm almost ready now. I'm going tomorrow early in the morning, on Garuda. Going to transit in Jakarta first. I would like to update everyday. I'm also thinking about making a little video about the trip. I don't know though. Oh, look at the time! (Actually there's nothing wrong with the time.) Right now I should be thinking about you and your reading capacity. If you've made it here, well, you've reached the end. Haha.

So excited! Can't wait,


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