Thursday 5 January 2017

Preping for High School

High School? I already chose my Unversity (In front of UGM)

In the world of High School, there is only one way to survive. With all the homework that is given, all the projects we have to complete, our self defense lessons we have to go through, and don't forget the social pressure, we high school kids have to either be reeaally popular or be super smart. Wait that was two things. Oh, well you know what I mean. It's either one or the other, unless we're not smart and popular, or we're popular and smart. Know what I mean. Actually, I'm not even in High school yet (surprise). So why don't we just forget that you ever read what you just read. I did not just write that to waste your time. Believe me.

So, starting from the beginning. I am not in High School for your clarification, I am in my last year in Junior High School. That would mean I'm going to High school next year. That would mean all that I said in the last paragraph is not true, well except for the 'me not being in High school' thing. That's right, in the last paragraph I was LYING (gasp!). Not really though. Just think of it as making assumptions. Throughout my life I have always wondered what it would feel like to be in High School. Now all you loyal readers are probably thinking 'What are you saying, did you not go to Australia and go to High School there for like 1 and a half weeks (8 days)?' And now I will answer your thoughts, yes I did, don't worry everyone I did go there and back again, if you know what I mean. Then why would I need to know what High School is like when I've already been there? I'll tell you why.

Hey, you know the difference between Australia and Indonesia? Yeah, there are a lot right? Well believe me when I say one of them are the High Schools. Even though I've never been in a High School in Indonesia I know what I'm talking about. You know, from books. Now you're all rolling your eyes because you're thinking 'That's cute, she thinks High School in real life is actually like that.' And now I'm telling you guys, HA!  Just to let you know if I actually believed everything that was written in books, I would've cried because I didn't receive my Hogwarts letter at 11. Anyway, I just asked my parents what it was like. But that just isn't the same, it's like 20 years ago. You see I have no idea what my High School life is going to be like.

People who know where I go to school are now just realizing, don't I have a High School in my school? Actually yes, I do. We actually share the same building. But they're not like other High Schools (no offense if there are some of you reading this). What I mean is, the High School at my school is for creative people, people who can produce something creative, people who can bend the rules (just a little). I'm guessing other schools aren't like that (no offense to the other people who goes to other schools). 

Now, you all are thinking 'Where is she going with this? Why is she talking about High School again? What's the conclusion? Is she just going in circles?' To answer all the questions in your brain, it would be impossible. But let me tell you guys, I am going in circles. Thinking about High School makes me dizzy to the point where I have to lie down (exaggerating but not really). The idea of leaving behind my friends that I've known for 3 years makes me queasy, worse, the fact that I have to make new friends in a span of 3 years that downright just makes me faint. 

But let's not get carried away, 
I haven't even finished the school year yet.


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