Saturday 9 August 2014


So we were riding a double decker plane (that's what I call it). It's not like we were seated at the second floor, but it was my first time riding something this. I forgot what our seat number was but It was definitely in the middle, you know how the seats go 3-4-3. 

See 3-4-3, but this is cut off
The entertainment was the best if I didn't sleep most of the time I would have watched 3 movies. It's too bad though, I don't count as a child anymore (since I'm already 12), so they don't give me the child meal. Since it was during the world cup they gave Ayesha these slapbands or something that has one of the 32 countries written on it if you understand. We didn't get any of the good countries though (no offense).

The food was awesome, even though I didn't get the snacks like Ayesha. At least there were crackers and butter. Butter!!! I love butter, everything just taste better with butter. That is why we stuffed every snack inside Ayesha's Emirate backpack. I still have some of it now!

A normal meal for people over 11

The butter still taste yummy,

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