Friday 8 August 2014

When time does not fly

When we went to Singapore my mum, sister and I went ahead of my dad because of something. Anyway the main point is that I had to wait 5 hours for my dad to land. I also had to wait again until it was 9 to board the plane.

It was a seriously long wait. Especially when we were still outside and not inside the transit zone. But we still had fun going back and forth the terminals. It was a bit better when we could go in the transit zone and get free Wi-Fi. It's really free!!! But only lasts for a few hours, oh well.

Time flew by so fast then, because my sister and I had so much fun playing "Papa's Pastaria". We could finally board Emirates!!!

The last time I was on Emirates I was 9. Now 3 years later I am riding it again!!! This time I can watch 3 movie per flight.


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