Wednesday 23 December 2015

The Honest Truth

This Would Have Been A Better Picture If I stayed There Too
Having parents who loves traveling is awesome. Especially when they let you skip school. I'm actually the one who doesn't want to skip school. How can a good girl like me (innocent face) skip class? I'm serious. I am the kind of student that does not like to miss school, even for 1 day and usually I don't miss any lessons. Except for the time when I missed student orientation because I was in Europe, and the time I missed school for a week because I picked up my dad in Sydney. There was also the time when I went traveling around New Zealand for 2 weeks. I actually can't believe I skipped school for 2 weeks. But there was a time when I didn't skip school, I only came late because the plane was delayed. (What am I saying?) My point is, even though I did all that I still don't like skipping school. (I really am telling the truth) It's fine if you don't believe me. I have proof though. 

It all started a few months ago (flashback and some cheesy music). My school has a program called Bravery Survival (BS). Each grade has to do 2 different Bravery Survivals, 1 for each semester. This semester the 8th graders have to sleep on a beach for 2 nights. The beach we were going to was named Kondang Merak. It is not famous (yet). It is located in the South of Malang. We were originally going to go there in early October. While we were preparing for our camping trip (because we certainly needed to prepare), my mum redeemed Garuda miles for 4 tickets to Ubud, Bali. We were supposed to go on the 31st of October until the 2nd of November. Until one day we heard terrible news.

Turns out my Bravery Survival was postponed to the 29th of October. At first I didn't realize anything, because the Bravery Survival was already postponed so many times. But I finally realized it when I was doing nothing and was staring at the calendar. For your information I did not gasp or faint or have breathing problems (like in the movies). I just sat there and thought about..........something. I honestly don't remember what my reaction was (my memory's not that good). My parents didn't think I knew about it (I have great acting skills). So one night, when we were eating dinner at Sop Ayam near Galaxy Mall, they told me. It was a little like this (dramatic music):
Dad: (Glances at mum)
Mum: (Glances at dad)
Me: (Oh they're about to tell me the bad news)
       (Pretends not to notice them)
Dad: Kak, you know that the Bravery Survival is when we're going to Ubud. 
Me: Yes. (In a totally non-sarcastic way)
Dad: Are you okay with us going?
Me: I'm fine. (It's not like they would stay if I asked them)
Mum: We're only going to stay 1 night because you come home on the 1st of November.
Me: (Gee, thanks for cheering me up)
That was what happened (and I didn't cry or anything). Before you know it I was left alone for three days while my family went on a holiday without me. You see, this is proof that I actually care about school and lessons. I even gave up riding Garuda just so I can go on the school field trip. It certainly wasn't the fact that if I don't do the Bravery Survival I probably wouldn't get my report, and it certainly wasn't the fact that if I don't do it this year, I would have to do it next year with my juniors.

It's fine if you don't believe me,

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