Friday 25 December 2015

How to Take Advantage of The Situation

The last few days were hectic (and weird). My parents are willing to actually buy me things that are expensive (unneeded and not important). But you really know parents are doing these nice things because they want to get away with something. In my case my parents are going to Taiwan for 4 days! I am writing this with my little sister Ayesha Leilani (Little A) because she is just an innocent girl that doesn't know how to take advantage of this situation.

Well, when two girls just finds out their parents are going to Taiwan without them, their emotions can get pretty mixed up.

Little A: I want to go with them too. I want them to buy me a BB-8 doll (you know, the one from star wars). I'm sad, happy and also mad. I'm sad because I will always cry when my mother or father or both of them are going to leave us (my sister and I). I'm happy because my mum is going to buy a BB-8 doll. But I'm mad because they didn't invite me to Taiwan.

Wow. Turns out my sister does know how to take advantage. I didn't know she was happy though, because when we said goodbye she was so dramatic. They said goodbye at 5 in the morning (too early for my eyes). 

I'm guessing you think I'm alone and have to take care of my sister (unless I'm guessing wrong). Well let me tell you that you're wrong (unless you didn't think I'm alone). I am staying with my grandparents and also with my 3 little cousins. Two of them are only babies, but one of them is only 1 year younger than Ayesha. You know what happens when you put 2 energetic, 'creative', young kids together. You get a headache (you also get really good at acting because your pretending to sleep so they won't bother you).  

Well to keep my mind of the little 'energetic' kids, I'm thinking about all the stuff my parents will get me. Lego (maybe), my CDs (If they can find K-pop CDs), a BB-8 doll (for Ayesha), and all of the books that mum already bought but are not here yet (because the delivery takes 1 month). For the past few days mum keeps buying me books (of course) so I wouldn't get bored. But she wouldn't let me read them until she was gone. That is not fair. I already got 3,4 or 5 books I can read. It's not like I can read a whole series in 1 day (rolls eyes while scoffing). I can see why they told me to start today.

Well, even though they already bought us things they don't usually buy us, they are still leaving us (for 4 days) and this time both of them are going. Oh they've left us before. We lived for a month without my dad (he was still in Sydney), but that's okay because that gave us a reason to go back to Australia. My mum also left us (first time for Ayesha) for a week because she was invited to New Zealand, but that's okay because she got us the 'one ring' so we could 'rule them all'. There was also a time when my dad went to Hong Kong and America and Turkey, but that was okay because he was always alone (that sounds sad). 

The point is if they actually find out that we (Ayesha and I) are fine with this they might leave us more often. Even though we might like the gifts, we like going to other countries (and watching TV in hotels). 
So don't leave without us,
A.L & A.A


  1. This is hilarious 😂😂. If I were you I would've packed myself in a suitcase (I can't live without my mum). Your blog is fantastic, I'm a big fan! Your life is so exciting! Out of curiosity, do you remember me? I'm Tasnova

    1. Hey! I didn't know you read my blog. It's been a long time. From the stories I tell my life sounds exciting but it isn't really. Just another normal teenage girl. Of course I remember you. I thought you were the one that forgot about me.

    2. I remember you everyday ❤️. Do you wanna email each other?


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