Thursday 24 December 2015

The Bottom of The Sea (?)

My Friends And I On A Neighboring Beach
You know, parents can be really funny sometimes. Sometimes they let you watch movies on a weekday, sometimes they force you to do your homework, sometimes they let you skip school, and sometimes they leave you for 3 days to go to Bali. They claim to have seen a beautiful Indonesia from the skies. But tell you what, I saw 'beautiful' Indonesia from the bottom of the sea (rolls eyes). 

For those who don't know, I was being sarcastic in the last sentence. You guys are probably thinking it's no big deal, since my parents went to a beach and so did I. But that means you are overlooking an important fact. (Maybe you should read my last post before you continue) My parents went to Ubud, Bali, while I went to Kondang Merak (It's not that famous yet). Well since you don't know the difference let me tell you.

We (my whole grade) are only going to Kondang Merak because of our Bravery Survival. Just to sum it up, Bravery Survival is about preparing for the real world, (or just feeling what is feels like without internet for a few days). Kondang Merak is located in the south of Malang. We went on a Thursday at midnight or is it Friday at midnight. We slept at school on a Thursday and went at midnight. It was a 4-5 hour ride. One I didn't remember because I was sleeping. We then arrived at where we were going to pray. It was cold (but not if you've been to Europe). Apparently the bus couldn't take us any further because the road was not really that smooth. Because of the 6 Kilometers between us and the beach, we couldn't ride the bus (unless we want to die or have serious injury). Instead, we have to walk.

It wasn't your typical walk to the beach. We actually have something to carry besides sunscreen and sandwiches. We were going to sleep there for 2 nights. We had to carry our clothes, sleeping materials and food. I never knew I could hate food the way I did when I walked the whole 6 km. If you can't picture it, picture going up and down 4 flight of stairs while carrying a heavy backpack infinity times. It would still not compare to what we were going through (totally not exaggerating). It sounds tough right? I wish I could say we got 9 hours of sleep after that, but I would be lying.

After hours of walking we finally got some rest. For 5 minutes. Then we were told to build our tent. It would be nice if the tent didn't have holes. But that's what a tent looks like when it's been on mountains and a lot of beaches. The next 2 days were quite enjoyable (when I forgot that my family was sleeping in a villa with a private swimming pool). There were only us 8th graders and some teachers. I was sure that my family was having a great time without me. That's why I like to think someone else was missing me (confidence going up). But that is not possible, just like everyone else told me. They just didn't think such a thing was a possibility. This is why I'm sarcastic most of the time.

Well. other than Kondang Merak, we also went to neighboring beaches. some with waves so big, others with sand so white. I guess I really did see beautiful Indonesia, though it wasn't from the bottom of the sea.

I really didn't mean to offend anyone (teachers) here.

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