Monday 26 March 2012

Camping at Narrabeen : everybody coming

my blue car parked next to my tent
I always wanted to go camping. It sounds really cool to me. You know what the do at camp they build tents, read maps and sleep overnight in a waterproof dome its really cool, but I never experienced it. I heard Amy's family [my friend] is going camping and asked my family to join them for a night, but unfortunately  it was all the sites was booked. Then the word that we were camping spread out so everybody was going on the camping trip. The parents were having a discussion about where we were going and what to bring, but the children were  having a discussion about what we are going to do and what sleeping bag we have and whose tent is biggest you know the important things so you don't get bored.

Today on Friday is the day we go camping to Narrabeen, since every other site is booked. I'm still going to school, we're going to camp after school and stay for two nights. The trip to Narrabeen was one hour long I was bored, like always. My family was the second to arrive and Rere's family [another friend] was right behind us. We drove through the boom gate and to our camp site. Khalif's family was first with Dafina and her dad [they went in khalif's car since they didn't have their own one] . I was so happy to see my friends. It was a bit raining, so I went under Dafina's umbrella with Rere and watched everybody put up their tent. After a few minutes of waiting [maybe hours ] Noufal's family and Ghaisan  [Dafina's sister]  and her mum came followed by Raiyan and Nadyne's family and Kak Nisa and Ais' who came last. When everybody was here we started my birthday party, which I'm going to write about in my next post.


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  1. so camping is cool and not a boring thing


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