Saturday 10 March 2012

My great school

Hampden Park Public School

There's MY school in the photo above /\. I don't remember who took that picture because it was a long time ago, maybe this was the first time I ever saw this school. I just remember when I was 7 [ it was before I went to school here], I was swinging in the park across the road and while I was swinging mum pointed at the school across the road and said "That's your school Didi." Didi's my nickname. I couldn't see clearly but I could see the blue gate and one of the buildings.

Few weeks later I was at school and I've been put into the class 2SS [Ms Sungkar's class]. It was a nice class, but I was too shy to speak because everything's new to me. I was put to ESL [English Second Language] in term two because I didn't know how to speak very well. When I got to year three I stopped ESL after the first semester. I was glad  I got out because work was too easy and sometimes I miss the fun stuff in my class.

Well, now I'm ten and and in year five at Hampden Park. I've been here for 4 years and liked every class I have been in [2SS,3GS,4JB and 5GK]. I think this is a very nice school, my parents might not agree but this story is MY point of view.



  1. i absolutely agree with means that you really enjoy being there.
    i wonder if your daddy and om thuwid still remember when they were in school in canterbury,uk back then.from oma rini

  2. i hope, i can send my child there, #ups ;p


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