Monday 19 March 2012

Going to Jamberoo

my family in Jamberoo

Every summer holidays my family would go somewhere that wasn't in Sydney. In 2009 we went to Jamberoo which was in the city Kiama. On the brochure it said to be the biggest amusement park in New South Whales. I always keep saying this is going to be the best day ever, but mum says there is a bigger amusement park in Gold Coast.   Since then I keep saying that Jamberoo is the best amusement park in Australia, but mum  always say that Gold Coast is better. I want to go to Gold Coast one day and see if she's right, but in the meantime I still think it Jamberoo is the best park in Australia.

I'm in the car with my family [mum, dad, Ayesha and me] on a two hour drive to Jamberoo. It was very long that trip. I thought it was going to take forever. I was getting bored on that car trip [like I always do], I wondered when we were going to stop. After a long hours drive we finally arrived inside the parking lot, in front of Jamberoo action park

Mum got everything ready, packed up in bags before we entered Jamberoo through the front gate. The line to get in was very long, people were taking a very long time showing their tickets or buying them at the ticket box. When we were at the front I found out why.We first had to show them our tickets and then we had to put a band or something on our wrist so people know we payed. I put mine on real quick, I don't know why people can't put theirs very quickly.     

Once we got through headed to the wave pool in front of us. Next to it there was a pool where little kids could play. There were little water sprouting out of poles and the concrete and a place where they could pretend to be pirates. I wasn't that thrilled. It was kind of boring for a 7 year old like me [ I was seven at the time]. We were all waiting for our friends that was going to play with us. After a few more minutes of waiting they came. I was really exited to get in the water. There was lots of rides in Jamberoo but I wanted to go on the go kart the most. I had so much fun in Jamberoo, I went on the ride Outback bay which is the wave pool, rapid river where you sit in a bun and float along the river, Racing cars the fun go kart race, splash out a really long slippery slide and a chair lift going up to the bobsled a really cool ride that starts at the top of the hill. At the end of the day we all took a ride in the train that would take us around the park and back. After an exhausting but fun day we all went back in our car and drove to our motel in Kiama.


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  1. you still remember details of that trip.i really like to read your fav word....bored...from oma rini


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