Tuesday 13 March 2012

My Dad's Parents

Grandma, Grandpa and my family in Darling Harbour

Did you know that I'm going to stay in Australia for three and a half years without a trip back to my country? Of course you don't. I don't get lonely though, my grandparents visit me for a week or a month or two weeks and we always take them around Sydney and show them how to use things [like the ticket machine]. My grandparents live in another country though, so they can't visit me every weekend. In this post I'm going to tell you what my grandparents do  inside Sydney.

My dad's parents came first to visit us in Sydney. They would be sleeping at our house in my room, while I sleep on the sofa-bed with Ayesha [ my little sister]. My grandparents always load their suitcases with stuff they brought from Indonesia [my home country]. I always get clothes and other stuff from my other relatives.

My grandparents' first stop is always the Sydney Opera House at Circular Quay. I've been there a million times[well, maybe not a million but you know what I mean], but my parents always make me come. My family always does the same thing every year, taking photos in front of the Opera House. It's so boring in front of the House, why can't we ever come in? My grandparents also have two other favourite places, Darling Harbour and Paddy's Market.

Paddy's Market is near Darling Harbour and is full of different stuff. There's a reason why it's called a market. Inside there's two sections of the market. On one section they sell food and on the other side they sell toys, souvenirs, clothes, whatever you can imagine.I've never actually been in the food section before so I can't tell you what's inside, but I've been to the other section. My grandma always comes here for souvenirs and always buys them in the same shop. Sometimes I get a little bored so mum, Ayesha and I went around the market to find something that could entertain us. Mum knows this market off by heart so I knew we could never get lost. We always end up buying little toys from this shop that sells wooden toys. Then we would always go home and pack my grandparents suitcases ready for tomorrow morning.

Well, that's the END of my post, hope you go to one of these places, they're really interesting.




  1. finally i cant leave a comment in your page dear.. hihihi..
    i really enjoy reading yours.. keep writing!! (^3^)/

  2. i can't help smiling to read this.what a very truthful gift for my birthday.thank you,didi
    but we will visit you again very soon.i can promise we are not going to the House but paddy's market is a must.how can i resist it?
    even now i have made a long list for "oleh2"
    so sorry....from oma rini

  3. Aku juga suka Paddy's. Bisa beli cendol di depannya haha

  4. wkkkwwkkkkwwwkkkkkkkkk


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