Thursday 25 December 2014

Bicycle license???

Since we're done talking about France can we talk about the other countries? We went to Brussels for one night, then we went to Germany for 3 hours, then we stayed in Amsterdam for 2 nights. 

There is something so cool yet terrifying in Amsterdam, you can ride bikes anywhere. So cool isn't it. We rented some bikes so we could go around Amsterdam. We went all around town. It was like riding a motorbike. Why? Because the bikes have their own bikes and everything. There's a special light just for bikes. Mum says that even cars let bikes go through (Cool). Mum and I were just riding normal bikes (exactly the same, coulor, size and everything), but my dad was riding a bike with a baby carrier for Ayesha. 

Then what's the terrifying part? Because it was just like riding a motorbike!!! Confused? Let me explain. Even though it was fun and cool and everything, it was still scary. Just imagine riding a bike with all the cars surrounding you. It would be okay if you were 16 or 17 or already have a license. Just imagine how scary it would have been for a little 12 year old girl. I've never done anything like this before (scary). 

Because dad got us lost halfway, mum became the navigator. But even a skilled navigator (like my mum) could not tell the difference between all the rivers in the city. 

Don't forget,
in Europe we drive in the right lane,

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