Tuesday 16 December 2014

Why Does it Have to be 2 Parts???

Anyone know about the new Hunger Game Movie??? I have a new favorite series. Ever since my mum saw all three books on sale in the bookstore, I have been a fan. 

It all started when I had nothing to read (fashback). 
My mum said I should try reading a new series 'The hunger games' (it was 2012). Since I was still a fan of Harry Potter and 39 Clues, I didn't want to read the new series (isn't everyone like that?). One night though when I really had nothing to read (reading was everything back then), I finally read 1 chapter. It got really interesting and I just couldn't put the book down (so dramatic!!!). When I finished the first book I read the sequel and and after that the last book. I started reading at 04:00 pm and somehow I finished the third book at 11:00 pm. Now I can't even imagine reading that fast (7 hours!!!).
Mum is trying to show-of. This picture was not my idea.

You wouldn't imagine how I reacted when I heard The Hunger Games had just finished their first movie. It was like a dream come true. I have always liked something late. For example, I was a total fan of Harry Potter when the last movie was already done. Now I can experience the joy of waiting for your favorite movie. Just as I was enjoying waiting a few months for Catching Fire, I now have to experience the torture of waiting 1 year just to get Mokingjay Part 2!!! 

I just can't wait.

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