Sunday 21 December 2014

Kebabs and The World Cup

A lot of things happened during our little road-trip. One of the things that happened was the 2014 World Cup. Everyone had a favorite team. I liked Germany. I could almost see your disbelieving looks. Just so everyone knows, when I was in year 6, we had an international exhibition. I got Germany. It was 3 months before the World Cup. 
B.I.P Burger

There was a time when Germany and France played against each other. That was my first day in France. Could you imagine, siting in the living room surrounded by French people. I felt bad (Germany fan). I guess I felt so bad (or tired) when Germany scored that I went to bed. Couldn't help but smile in the morning when I herd Germany won (guilty).
Me in panic mode

 The next day we went to Belgium. The match between Argentina and Belgium was also the next day. I felt so sorry when I started to root for Argentina (really guilty). We were staying at the hotel Novotel and when we were in the lobby, we could see people gather in front of the TV with flags and stuff. Mum wanted to go outside (Seriously?). How could she go for a walk when a match was going on. Ayesha and I stayed of course. When Argentina scored, we could hear the disappointment outside. I guess I fell asleep out of guilt (or just tired) again. I woke up hearing the latest news while eating a 1$ waffle (mum bought it).

1$ Waffles
There wasn't any happenings like that anymore. On the last match of the World Cup, we could totally feel the atmosphere though. We were at Mount Marte when the match started. I have been checking the World Cup schedule everyday. I couldn't remember the time for the Finals. I only remembered it was either 1 hour earlier or later than the usual schedule. As we were walking down the hill, going to the station, I saw the Finals already starting. Going in panic-mode I started to get worried. Mum said there was a good kebab restaurant. It was called B.I.P Burger. While ordering we saw Argentina almost score a goal. How scared did you think I was. I couldn't even shout because it was in a public place. Upstairs we saw people watching. Most of them were going for Argentina (guilty). During the short break, we rushed back to the apartment. I didn't sleep this time. Nobody could even imagine haw happy I was. I was jumping up and down (sorry neighbors)

Who would have thought I would be watching the World Cup in Europe when it was held in South America.

Just my luck,

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