Friday 19 December 2014

My Alien Friends

Hey, welcome back. Today is the latest update about everything (exaggerating). Let me just update my profile. It says  "I'm a human. I like reading, especially Harry Potter books. I hate fairies and pink stuff." To make it clear, I was 10 when I made that. Everyone knows 12 and 10 have a big (exaggeration) age difference. Am I right? No? Well let me inform everyone that I have changed.

1. I am sorry to disappoint you but no, I have not turned into an alien. I am still a very healthy human that is living on Earth (or am I?).

2. Anyone who is actually that smart to give up reading is the real alien. I would never give up reading (innocent human). My favorite book has changed though. I think it is the best book in the whole universe (aliens must read). Has anyone read 'The catcher in the Rye'? My mum recommended the book for me. It's a depression kind of book, but that's what I like most. I think it's rated 13+. Mum says it's a book for high school, but it was kind of easy to read (Self-praising).

3. I can not believe I actually said I hate fairies (astonished). Seriously everyone, if you say you hate them, 2 years later you would be watching the 6th season of 'Winx club' with your little sister. (Not Important) Since the 'Winx' are from outer space, do we call them aliens?

4. Did I really hate the color pink? What did pink ever do to me? It was just another innocent color that was created by red and white (sad). Now everyone has moved on to Blue (sad). Now that I think about it, I wanted to like blue because everybody started liking pink. Now I think back (flashback) and try to be friends with Pink, but now I think I'm trying to be different again. So confused!!!(Not needed!!!) Do you think aliens are Pink or Blue?

My new profile. I'm going to look back in 2 years and think about how young was and how I need to update my profile (again). It's possible.

Goodbye my human friends. 
Unless some of you are really aliens!!!


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