Saturday 13 December 2014


Here I am, on another boring Saturday. Sitting down and listening to music. Watching everything on youtube. That is totally my Saturday routine.

Last Saturday wasn't like that. Last week we went to 'Museum Angkut' (Transportation Museum). It's in a town called Batu that is close to Malang. I mostly wanted to go there because there would be German cars. Germany!!! 
Teaching Kala how to drive
My mum bought the tickets (she tried to get a discount). When we went in it was full of many different transportation (of course!). My little cousin kept pointing at everything. Bikes, motorcycles, cars, planes, almost everything. We had to run around all over the place.
Kala kept pointing at these bikes

Besides just displays of cars and motorbikes, there are places that will imitate a country. For example, America, England, France and Germany (!!!). There even was an Eiffel tower.

Berlin wall???
The downside? It was raining (sigh). The good side? My shoes were not soaking wet (unlike when we went to Disneyland). Another good side? Now I like cappuccino. One more bad side, mum said the cappuccino I drank was an instant sachet. (sigh) 

My peaceful Saturday,

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