Saturday 20 December 2014

The Language That Makes You Hungry

Let me continue my journey in Paris. Where were we? (Thinking) Ah! We were only up to the airport? Well, if the journey in Europe was a chocolate-cheese cake with cherry on top (hungry), we haven't even touched the frosting.

Exactly like expected, french people really don't like speaking English. I really started wondering, can we even communicate with them at all. Of course at the airport they would still speak English. But we could tell we were really in Paris (and not in my dream) when we went to the station. French was buzzing about everywhere. All around filled with French (they're really proud). That's when I notice a small grumbling sound. The sound seemed to give a reply to all the French that was spoken. Then I suddenly realized, it was my stomach.

Emirates was one of the best airlines in the world. So of course they would give us snacks. But even after all the snacks they had given in 6 hours it would not satisfy my stomach. I wasn't at all hungry at the airport. Then when I was on the train going who knows where (mum knows), my stomach does not seem to have a mute button.

We couldn't buy anything (so expensive!). But when we arrived at our destination (ask mum), we finally found some cheap (well, cheaper) food. How could one eat (even a huge burger like mine) and still not be hungry when all you've been hearing is French. That was why it was such a relief (exaggeration?) when we got to my dad's cousin's place. At least they don't speak 24/7.

That was only the first day. I'm still wondering how I didn't die (exaggerate) of starvation. 

I'll give some tips on how to survive.

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