Saturday 27 December 2014

Magic Disney Rain

Everyone loves something that is called Disneyland. Everyone has heard about the incredible movies Disney has made. Everyone that goes there would want to go see the princesses or Buzz Lightyear. Disney can do everything and anything (rolls eyes). Disneyland had so much magic, that they can even make it rain all through the day. 

Since I will now explain why I am complaining. Just like I said everyone likes to go to Disneyland. I also said that everyone has a great time in Disneyland. Then where is the problem? Suddenly Disney can make magic rain. And just like I said it's magic rain. What kind of magic does it do? It does evil magic. Everyone knows I don't like going shopping, including shoe shopping. Yet what does the rain do? It totally ruined my shoes. It was totally soaked!! I shouldn't be complaining though. Nobody can get mad at Disney.

My Poor Shoes
At least there were lots of rides we could enjoy (Duh!). One of them was the Buzz Lightyear ride. It was so fun I wanted to go on it again. There was a fast pass there. One ticket could only get one fast pass and the fast pass had a limit. Luckily we could get some. Another fun ride was the Peter Pan Flying Ship. That has a fast pass too. It felt like we were actually flying. Ayesha was a bit scared though. Out of all the rides there was one ride that we rode more that twice. That was the ride 'It's A Small World'. Why did we ride that so many times? It was the evil rain again. The ride didn't get wet in the rain. But now I have the song stuck in my head.

One thing you must never forget. There was a parade. My sister was so overwhelmed by all the princesses. She knew of course they were fake (I wonder who told her?). Why is her imagination ruined by reality? I had such a fun time imagining I was with fairies when I was 6. Of course who would leave Disneyland without seeing mickey mouse? We waited for 30 minutes until we could see him. We even saw Princess Aurora (the fake one)

Check the weather first,
Or you might have a fate like mine,

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